Claiming VAT Relief

What is VAT Relief?
VAT is a tax that you pay as a consumer when you buy goods and services in the European Union, including the UK. In the UK the standard rate for VAT is 20%. Individuals who are chronically sick or disabled can claim VAT Relief when they buy equipment that has been designed solely for disabled people and is for their own ‘personal and domestic use’. This means that they pay the retail price without VAT included. If you are unsure which products are VAT exempt, please call Julie in the Independence Centre on 01752 437616 or e-mail 

Can I claim VAT Relief?
Individuals who are chronically sick or disabled can claim VAT Relief on some products. A person is 'chronically sick or disabled' if they:

  • Have a physical or mental impairment that has a long-term affect on their ability to carry out everyday activities
  • Have a condition that doctors treat as a chronic sickness (like diabetes, for example)


  • Are terminally ill

A person with a temporary injury like a broken leg would not qualify, nor would a frail older person who is otherwise well and non-disabled.

The following conditions may also qualify for VAT Relief in some circumstances; Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Oedema, Heart Disease, Stroke.

If you are unsure, please ask your medical advisor as we are not able to give medical opinions.

How do I claim VAT Relief?
If you order online, you can register for and claim VAT Relief once you have spoken with our team by either calling 01752 437616 or emailing

If you qualify and want to claim VAT Relief on your first purchase, you must order by post or online or visit our shop in Plymouth. We are unable to accept your first VAT Relief Claim over the phone.

Which products are eligible for VAT Relief?
A complete list can be found by either emailing the Independence Shop on or by calling Julie and Nigel directly on 01752 437616.